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Outside Storage


Winter Lay up Charges

On Trailer

$9.50 per ft.  



On Cradle or Blocks

$10.50 per ft  



  Inside Storage


 Pump Out


    Heated Inside Storage / Boats and Double Jet ski on Trailer          $5.50  Sq. Ft.

Single Jet Ski Heated Inside        $200.00

27' And under cold

 $2.70 sq. ft.   



28' And over cold

$2.90sq. ft.  

Air Conditioner


Jet Ski Storage Cold


Hot/Cold Water


Dbl Jet Ski Storage Cold


Cold Water Only


24' And under

$2.50 per ft  

Ice Maker


25' to 30'

$2.50 per ft.  

Shower Sump Pump


31' And up

 $3.25 per ft.  

Wash Down Pump




Bait Well Pump


  Wash Painted Bottom

$1.75 per ft

NO bottom will be washed that does not have approved paint


Engine Oil Change

(Includes oil 5 qts. non-synthetic and filter)




Change with customer’s material

Winterize Lower Unit

Change oil and grease outside zerks




Battery Service



Stored and charged per battery


Transport on yot blocks or cradle on premises

Disconnect only per battery


Remove only per battery


29” & Under




30” & Above




Storage rates include transporting from hoist in fall and back in spring.

Winter storage rates run from October 1st.  to June 1st

Summer storage rates start     June 1st. to October 1st

**Winter Storage rate does not include summer storage of trailer.**

Summer  storage of trailer cost:








 Any boats stored in marina parking lot that are not launched by Memorial Day will be moved into the storage lot on the south side of  S.R 163 There will be a transport charge.






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