Outside Storage:


Winterization Charges


(Boats, Jet Skis,Golf Carts, Inflatables)




On Trailer

$10.00 per ft.



On Cradle or Blocks

$11.00 per ft.

Pump Out


Golf Carts




Jack Stand Rentals

$16.00 each

Air Conditioner



Hot/Colde Water


Cold Inside Storage:


Cold Water Only


(Boats, Jet Skis, Golf Carts, Inflatables)


Ice Maker


27' and Under

$3.00 sq.ft.

Shower Sump Pump


28' and Over

$3.00 sq.ft.

Wash Down Pump


Jet Ski Storage/Inflatable


Bait Well Pump


Golf Carts


Fuel Stabilizer

$11.00 each

Jet Skis Double Trailer


Windsheild Washer




Jet Ski to 30'

$2.50 per ft.

Winterize Lower Unit


31' to 35'

$3.25 per ft.

Change Gear Lube and grease outside zerks


36' to 45'

$4.00 per ft

Engine Oil Change


Heated Inside Storage:


(Includes Oil and Filter)



$6.00 sq.ft.

With Customer's Materials


Jet Skis Double Trailer

$6.00 sq.ft

Battery Service


Jet Ski Single


Store and Charge


5qts. Non-synthetic With Customer's Materials


Disconnect Only


Battery Service Store and Charge

$18.50 each

Remove Only

$11.00 each

Disconnect Only

$6.75 each


Remove Only

$11.00 each


Transporton Yot Blocks, JackStands, or Cradle on Premises 29' and Under $65.00 30' and Over $75.00* Storage rates include transporting from hoist in fall and back in spring.*Winter storage rates run from October 1st to June 1st Summer storage rates run from June1st to October 1st**Winter storage rates do not include summer storage of trailer.**